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The Province of Cagliari is situated in the southern part of Sardinia , overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the south and on the east. It is bounded by the Provinces of Nuoro , Ogliastra and Oristano on the north, and by the Provinces of Carbonia-Iglesias and  Medio Campidano on the west. 
It expands over 1,764 square miles (19% of Sardinian territory) and comprises 71 municipalities, including the City of Cagliari, capital of both the Province and the entire Region of Sardinia. 

Like the rest of the island, the Province of Cagliari is of rather heteregoneous terrain: the variety of rocks is remarkable, as are the minerals, the highlands, the caves and the coasts. 

The  Molentargius-Saline Regional Natural Park,  in the inner part of the province, is a rare example of an ecosystem in highly anthropized areas. It is one of the most important places in Europe for the extraordinary number of birds that shelter here. One-hundred-seventy-seven among 330 of Sardinia's birds species live in the Molentargius Basin - more than a quarter of all European bird species. At certain times of the year, these can exceed 20,000 specimens. Among these: flamingos, herons and little egrets. 

The park borders with one of Italy’s most ample beaches, the  Poetto , extending over almost five miles, and Cagliari's main beach. Next to the Capital is the  Sette Fratelli – Monte Generis Regional Park , one of the largest parks on the island and a natural environment for the Sardinian deer. The Sella del Diavolo’s Promontory is also here - its name derives from the legend that Lucifer carved the profile of his saddle on the rock after being expelled from Paradise. 

The eastern part of the Province is made up of the subregion of  Sarabus- Gerrei , subjected to considerable drainage works at the beginning of the 20th Century in order to eliminate malaria: it is a wild zone, yet still abundant with characteristic villages. 

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Mullet lovers dating site

Mullet lovers dating site